❝CI-WP-PF is an enterprise software platform that brings MVC architecture to WordPress CMS, CI-WP-PF really separates WordPress data from WordPress web presentation via PlannerFw, CI-WP-PF is an excellent solution to build well-structured, large-scale, highly performance websites and web applications.❞
➖ PlannerFw Author, CI-WP-PF Architect

CI-WP-PF brings a MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to WordPress websites, CodeIginter provides controller, WordPress responds for dynamic data creation, PlannerFw delives web presentations and execute webpage rendering, CI-WP-PF really separates dynamic data from web presentation.

CI-WP-PF supports quick switching between PlannerFw templates and WordPress templates, you can set CI-WP-PF to provide HTTP responses with PlannerFw template or WordPress template.

CI-WP-PF supports multiple PlannerFw templates to the same WordPress data and quick switching among PlannerFw templates.

CI-WP-PF supports PlannerFw template and WordPress data access controls by any one of WordPress user roles, user names and usere mails.

CI-WP-PF provides easy ways to create, update, delete custom data in WordPress output and the data presentation in PlannerFw templates.

It is more effective to rewrite WordPress theme stylesheet with PlannerFw PFCSS.

You have some HTML/CSS, JavaScript experience and simple PlannerFw knowledge, you are able to create and update web presentaions for WordPress output, there is no any requirements for the experience or knowledge of PHP and WordPress.

WordPress does not participate the creation of web presentation in CI-WP-PF, WordPress concentrates on data creation only, so CI-WP-PF tremendously improve WordPress server performance.

CI-WP-PF is one of best solutions to create well-structured, large-scale, highly interactive WordPress websites/web applications.

Package Version License Release date Compression Download
CI-WP-PF 3.1.0 GNU GPLv3 2019-March-18 ZIP Download Now